Energy Centre turbines

Waste considered unsuitable for other methods of recycling is sent to the Energy Centre. Here waste is incinerated to produce energy.

The heat generated from the process turns water into steam which drives turbines to create electricity. This is fed into the National Grid.  We export around 85 per cent of the electricity we generate – that’s enough to power around 70,000 homes throughout the year – the remaining 15 per cent powers all the centres on the EcoPark.

From 1994, when LondonWaste Ltd was awarded the NLWA contract, up to the end of 2013, more than 9 million tonnes of waste has been diverted from landfill.

Regulated by the Environment Agency

Facilities such as ours are amongst the most tightly monitored for environmental performance.  The Environment Agency regulates and monitors the Energy Centre to ensure emissions are as low as possible in order to protect the environment and human health.  The operation of the Energy Centre is also subject to the European Union Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) regime.  The IPPC aims to prevent, reduce or eliminate pollution at source.

Giving back

We share our successes in a number of ways, one of them is by presenting dividends to our sole shareholder the North London Waste Authority.  We awarded the NLWA £3 million this year.

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