As a major service provider and local employer the company remains committed and expert in delivering a cost effective and valuable service to the community.

We have a vital responsibility to manage household waste and recyclables produced within the seven North London boroughs whilst managing our impact on the environment.  Our aim is to divert household waste from landfill whilst extracting the maximum value for the community from the waste you produce.

We serve the London community and most particularly North London in a number of ways:

Employment and training

We employ some 250 people across the entire field of waste management including operatives, engineers, drivers, chemists, managers and administrators to ensure continuous improvement in our business performance.

Through involvement with job centres, agencies and long term links with local educational establishments the company seeks to prepare for the future needs of this thriving sector.

Our operations:


Our Materials Recycling Facility enables us to recover a high percentage of recyclable materials from your household waste.


Our Compost Centre produces high quality compost from green and organic waste, such as garden cuttings and kitchen scraps.  The compost is then reused in local allotments, farms, community projects, parks and gardens.

We save over 35,000 tonnes of organic waste from going to landfill each year.

Generating green energy for London homes

The Energy Centre is where waste unsuitable for recycling is converted into electricity using superheated steam produced by our boilers. We export around 85 per cent of the electricity we generate –  thats enough to power 72,000 homes throughout the year.

Diversion from landfill

Disposing of waste in landfill sites is a concern, not least because it means the potential value of the waste in providing energy or reusable materials is overlooked.

Since 1994, when the EcoPark evolved, to the present day we have diverted more than 9 million tonnes of waste from landfill.

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