We run and manage the majority of our tender and sourcing activities using Delta-e-sourcing.

In order for us to easily identify potential suppliers in key business areas your details need to be added to our MasterList. It’s a simple process:

  1. Click on the Suppliers Register on the Delta eSourcing service
  2. Expert Suppliers use Access code WG69R6URT9 to join
  3. Complete your profile and add yourself to the Supplier Lists
  • Complete your details and publish your profile – as a minimum, your profile must be self-certified to be             considered by LondonWaste Ltd as a supplier.
  • Navigate to the Responses drop down menu choosing Response Manager
  • Add the relevant Access Codes to your Response Manager and click ‘Submit’ – you can add as many codes from the below list as you wish:

Supplier lists and Access Codes

Business Area Access Codes
LWL Master List WG69R6URT9
LWL Oils, Greases, Fuels & Solar Power Products XPP979ZT27
LWL Raw Materials and Metals 86425BPEW6
LWL Workwear Clothing & PPE 4X65WG5684
LWL Plastics, Rubber & Leather Materials or Products N25V7229WE
LWL Chemicals & Gases 5B9683T2F6
LWL Office Equipment & Machinery ( Excluding Furniture) D6G7K2X9T2
LWL Electrical Equipment, Components & Consumables 274RU8MFMM
LWL Transport Equipment and Accessories B487DZ52D7
LWL Security & Emergency Equipment 447BN5FW4Y
LWL Laboratory Equipment & Consumables Z464ATN23D
LWL Furniture & Cleaning Products EY4HC96Q8K
LWL Industrial Machinery & Equipment 66B5U57VFJ
LWL Mining & Construction Machinery & Equipment EER66PKS7E
LWL – Construction Materials Z3SCM3998W
LWL Construction Work & Equipment Hire T97A2UV3NJ
LWL Repair & Maintenance Services N43HSS2VNF
LWL Electrical & Mechanical Installation services 25ETGRJM79
LWL Road Transport Services 35KK74PYS4
LWL Engineering Services & Testing 655T74V62F
LWL R& D Consultancy Services 853HW36732
LWL Business Consultancy Services 2TW223Z88D
LWL Sewage & Environmental Services W88565CC6U
LWL Electricity, Gas & Water Distribution KU8U79XNAZ
LWL Pipes and fittings MM972H5346
LWL Small tools 598QQ3CSF4
LWL Seals and gaskets 2ZK47HT9JQ
LWL Bearings 89MDQ7892P
LWL Filters hoses and connectors 8AF658J3VJ
LWL Cables 4C744K6UNJ

Choose from the list above, add the relevant Access Code to your Response Manager and click Submit – repeat this process, adding your company to each list that is relevant to your business and ensure that you include yourself on the main master list.


You can view all of the lists you have added yourself to via the Profile drop down menu choosing ‘Supplier List’. Now you are part of these lists you will be in the prime position to be contacted when LondonWaste Ltd run their tenders.


Please Note: Suppliers wishing to compete for LondonWaste Ltd contracts must respond to any specific call for competition by submitting a separate expression of interest – the list is for information purposes only.
If you require any technical assistance with using the Delta eSourcing service, please contact the helpdesk by email at or by telephone at 0845 270 7050.